Everyone can dance--even you!

Had enough of holding up the wall at weddings and parties while your friends get down? Don't let the dance floor push you around! It's time to get out there and join the fun!

Here at Wallflower Power, we believe strongly that everyone can dance--even you! Our Wallflower Power workshops offer practice with body awareness, rhythm, and connecting movement to music through a friendly and fun sequence of activities.

Already love dancing? 

Challenge Yourself with a Choreo-A-Go-Go workshop!

You know those epic songs that you just can't help but rock out to--and maybe take a bow after? In Choreo-a-Go-Go workshops, you  learn choreographed dances to fantastic songs. Moves are simple and reflect the style of the performer's era and persona. Saturday, April 12, come and Dance Like...the Doors!

Saturday, April 18
Porchlight Theater, 4200 W. Diversey
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 Want to do your own thing?

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